Yassas and welcome to Zorbas

The Authentic Taste of Greece

Here it comes Our Story

Zorbas is a family business which serves the finest quality Greek cuisine, cooked in a traditional Greek manner by our own Greek chef. We pride ourselves on serving authentic, traditional Greek cuisine and have been doing so for over 20 years. A large number of our ingredients are sourced directly from Greece to ensures you get the real Hellenic taste of the Mediterranean. 

Does it get any better? Our home

Our home Villa Maria

Discover a new experience as we open the doors to our beautiful family home, Villa Maria. Situated a the very top of Poros island, our home overlooks stunning sea views, the Sleeping Lady Mountain, and a mesmerising sunset. We’re excited to share our home with our wonderful customers, extending our hospitality and Greek experiences, in your very own home away from home.

Deliciously Fresh Recipes

Discover Our Menu

Here at Zorbas we only look for the finest quality ingredients to put into our menus. Our main source of ingredients is brought over straight from Greece and the remainder are sought from our local community. All of our dished are made in house by our very own Greek chefs!

What’s it going to be? Takeaway

Did you just say Takeaway

Bored of the same old takeaway? Why not grab a Greek!! (No, not the hairy chest variety). Zorbas restaurant food is also good to go. Choose whatever takes your fancy through our online ordering system, pay the discounted takeaway price, send the reluctant other half to collect, set out your plates eagerly awaiting his/her return, and enjoy in the comfort of your own home! (Bring the plates back to us and we will gladly………… smash them for you!)

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