Takeaway Menu

Bored of the same old takeaway? Why not grab a Greek!! (No, not the hairy chest variety).

Zorbas restaurant food is also good to go. Choose whatever takes your fancy from our menu (except the party menu), pick up the phone, pay the discounted takeaway price, send a reluctant other half to collect, set out your plates eagerly awaiting his/her return, and enjoy in the comfort of your own home! (Bring the plates back to us and we will gladly............ smash them for you!)

Please note the mezze is for a minimum of two people and is priced at £30 for takeaway.
Takeaway main meals come with a choice of one of the following Greek potatoes, rice, chips or greek salad. Takeaway starters will not come with salad garnish or pitta.


We also have souvlaki (pictured above), exclusive to the takeaway menu: Chicken, Pork, Bifteki, Halloumi or Veggie wrapped in Greek style pitta that is chargrilled then filled with tatziki, salad onions, tomato and chips. A traditional greek takeaway, and only £3.50.