Helping Schools

After being approached by many educational professionals due to our Greek connections, we decided to use our knowledge of Greek cuisine, language and culture to educate not just ourselves with some of the great characters we have encountered along the way, but also schools and groups.

With Ancient Greece being a part of the national curriculum, we offer sessions for schools and other groups to experience the many aspects of Greece in our restaurants. As our restaurants are themed upon the ancient Greek style, the atmosphere is very vibrant and also allows the children to feel the true Greek experience.

Our package consists of talks and facts about ancient Greece as well as food tasting and entertainment that the schools and groups will certainly not forget. The trip will also allow the school and groups to discover mythical stories and also some basic Greek writing. We are able to cater to each groups need and sessions are suited to your preferences.

So come and learn about the Greeks from the Greeks, who better!

"Zorbas Greek Restaurant became the venue for Year 3 last Friday as they dined and danced like real Ancient Greeks. After scribing their names in Greek, they tucked into a delicious feast of authentic Greek foods including keftethes, olives, crudités and warm, chargrilled pitta breads. They also enjoyed a selection of dips, and learnt about the ingredients that were used to create these. (There were some interesting reactions to the contents of the taramasalata!)

"After dining like kings, there was time to relax in the sunshine, in typical Ancient Greek style, listening to some wonderfully exciting stories of the Olympian gods and goddesses. Their fascinating host for the day explained how, through the Greek tradition of oral epic storytelling, the stories we hear today may have been changed as they have been told, illustrated by a fun game of ‘Grecian Whispers’. When they were all fully recovered, it was time to burn off some of those calories by learning a Greek village dance. It was very energetic, and the footwork was quite tricky, but Year 3 made a Trojan effort! They rounded off their experience by sampling some tasty Greek yogurt with honey and fruit before returning to school. It was a fantastic day and one that the pupils in Year 3 will never forget."