What kind of evening can I expect at Zorbas on a weekend?

At Zorbas we offer a whole night experience. Whether you are having a celebration or just a group of friends, Zorbas offers a packed night suitable for all ages, with beautiful Greek cuisine and entertainment to make you laugh, dance and wish you were in Greece!

What is Greek Food?

Greek cooking today is typically Mediterranean. The ingredients most often used are olive oil, grains and bread, wine, fish, various meats, yoghurts and cheese. Meat is a large part of Greek cuisine, with a wide variety of meat-based dishes eaten as main meals and snacks. As Greece is surrounded by the Aegean and Ionian Seas, fish and seafood are also central to the Greek diet. Olive, lemon, basil, garlic, oregano and thyme are commonly used in Greek dishes, especially in fresh salads, as is the famous feta cheese.

Can we bring children to Zorbas?

Here at Zorbas as we pride ourselves on our traditional Greek family values. As we are a family run business we understand the values of the most important people being at our special events! Children are welcomed and encouraged to come along and join in with the fun we have at Zorbas. Please be aware though that as we are a late night venue, language and fancy dress maybe sometimes be of an adult nature.

What is the Greek entertainment?

At Zorbas our weekends are always special. We provide the finest Greek music played from the hands of our very special bouzouki player. Our musician normally begins at 8.30pm and that's when the fun all starts. Whilst you eat there is the subtle harmony from the live bouzouki, however once finished we start all the dancing and having fun! We start by the staff showing a small display of traditional Greek dancing. Then we invite people to join us as we dance The Zorba dance! We also get people involved in other dances such as the zeimbekiko, in which we get people drinking shots off the floor!!! The Greek dancing normally lasts around an hour, after which we put on all the latest songs and also play peoples requests.

Do we have to pre-book for a weekend at Zorbas?

Our weekends get booked out very fast so we normally suggest that people with larger parties book three weeks in advance to save disappointment!

Is there a cover charge?

No, there's no cover charge, but we do ask that each person seated in the restaurant places a food order of at least £10.

Do we smash plates at Zorbas?

Currently we don't smash plates due to health and safety laws and also insurance complications.